Posted by Chantelle Meriam on Sep 11, 2017
Meet new Inbound Rotary Exchange Student, David Wu, from Taiwan!
My introduction: David Wu. Chinese name called Ta-Wei Wu. 16 years old. Study at Fu Dan high school in Taiwan. This school is famous in Taiwan. Will be study in grade 11 in Summerland. I was studying at international school when I was junior high. In senior high, I'm join the world youth summit. It let me learn a lot of things. So in the school's club I join the Modal United Nations. Want to practice my speech. I love do lots of things like cooking or making some interesting things. I love exercise, especially I love playing baseball. I'm a school team player in Taiwan. I love eating, too.
We are looking forward to getting to you know better over the course of the next year, David. Welcome to our Club!