Posted by Ann Kemp on Nov 18, 2018

Welcome Verity Taylor who will represent the Summerland Rotary Club in this year's Summerland Blossom Pageant. Summerland Rotarian, Linda Van Alphen, and myself joined Verity at the banner presentations that took place on Tuesday, November 13th at the council chambers at City Hall. The event is short and sweet but the girls feel proud to receive their banners. Below are photos taken from the evening. You may notice a few other familiar faces. In the group photo are the Blossom Pageant candidates and in front of them are the Blossom Buds. The Blossom Buds shadow the older girls in some of the activities.

L-R: Our Candidate in this year's Blossom Pageant, Verity Taylor, along with Summerland Rotarians, Ann Kemp and Linda Van Alphen


2018/2019 Summerland Blossom Pageant candidates with their Blossom Buds in front of them