Posted by Les Brough on Nov 27, 2017
Despite the wet and cold weather, last week we had two work parties to harvest and move almost two hundred trees to the tennis courts in town. Thanks are due to: Roch Fortin, Orv Robson, Paul Barber, Bob Hamilton, Doug Mailey and his buddy, Dayton Sobool, Karl Seidel, Michael Zang, two of Roch's hockey team who did the cutting and to Jim Munn for the loan of his large trailer.
Mirjana did a great job of dressing one of the trees for display in the window at Maple Roch that led to a number of sales by shoppers in the store. The on-line system that Mirjana Komljenovic and Chantelle Meriam created has proved invaluable for sales too. 
Garry and Paul responded to a last-minute request from the Chamber of Commerce to set up three trees at Memorial Park for Light Up on Friday.  Light Up was our first big sales drive from our booth on Victoria: Sharon Lusch and Florida Town dressed two trees that attracted a lot of attention and showed how nice they can look.  Then Paul, Garry and Brenda Hamilton joined them to sell to the throng of revellers and to hand out flyers (good idea Sharon).  The Grinch and Cindy Lou, provided by Sharon and The Summerland Senior's Village, generated a lot of attention at the booth: the photo-op and the kids' faces showed how much they enjoyed that.
On Saturday afternoon we opened the tennis courts for distributing and selling the trees.  Paul Barber, Michael Zang, David WuGarry Hollingshead and Bob Van Balkom helped the public to select and load while Brenda collected the money and dealt with the paperwork. Karl, as he usually is, was willing to move the Rotary trailer to where it was needed.  Paul Barber and Don Gemmell provided a delivery service when needed.
Roch's hockey team as well as a few of our members have pre-purchased trees so that the Summerland Food Bank can provide trees to those families who would otherwise be without a tree at Christmas.  We are still working with a few other community groups who are aiming to benefit from our "group discount" offer to raise funds for their own needs.
At this time we have sold over sixty trees and raised about $2,550.  However, we still have a long way to go to sell the trees that we have in the tennis courts.  We have planned to open the courts next weekend and we need more publicity.  We will be discussing how best to spread the word and we will likely need an additional weekend of selling.  Please bring your suggestions for advertising to our meeting on Tuesday evening.
Our special thanks must go out to Bob Campbell at Dirty Laundry for giving us this fund-raising opportunity: we will find a fitting way to do so!
**NOTE** Thank you to everyone who has purchased their trees already! If you haven't bought yours yet, you are not too late! We will be set up selling trees again this Saturday and Sunday, December 2nd and 3rd, from 11am - 3pm at the tennis courts at Summerland Senior Secondary. You can purchase and pick up your tree on those days or pre-pay by visiting our website online. Trees are $40/tree and can be delivered within Summerland for an extra $10/tree if you wish. Thanks for supporting the Rotary Club of Summerland!