September 10, 2019

Hi Aart and Rotary Club Members:

Just to update you on our project in Bangladesh as Canadian Leadership Assistance Program (CLAP) continues to press on in the Tribal Hills.
CLAP continues to serve our 200 children in 3 villages in the Chittagong Hill tracts of Bangladesh. We are able to, sustain the supplies, equipment and teacher salary through our monthly donations program.
Thanks to the Rotary Summerland, 21 young ladies and moms graduated from the sewing program and have either begun their own businesses or got hired in the clothing industry. Bangladesh is amongst the leading textile industry in the world so there is a lot of opportunity for these ladies to find jobs - either in the factory or at home for their own villages. 
When we were there in January I had the opportunity to meet a young man who's mother was finishing off the program and was already hired in her field. Just this one story changed the lives of this family as they were able to provide their children a better quality of life. 
CLAP was also able to purchase a rice harvest. There are over 100 varieties of rice grown in Bangladesh. We were able to see the field workers hard at work planting. When the time of harvest would come, this rice mill would provide for many villages food for their families. and also the ability to sell in the markets.
Currently we are working toward building a high school and training center. We have 5 acres of land on which we will build a school, office, living quarters, and kitchen. The school will begin at high school level and also after post graduate education in  sewing, carpentry, fisheries and agriculture. We are achieving these funds through fund raising endeavors (in April we had a hardware sale and raised $4500.00 and in  May we had our annual garage sale and raised $7300). Also, at the end of September (29) we will be hosting our 3rd annual Dinner and Silent Auction (see attached poster). If you are interested in tickets let me know.
We have broken down the building project into 3 phases - the first being teachers quarters and classrooms to begin the school as soon as possible. The second phase will include the living quarters and kitchen and the third phase will include the training center. It is quite the process, but we are slowly moving forward to provide better education, training and sustainable living for the tribal people of Bangladesh.
Finally, I would truly thank the Summerland Rotary for all their support as a club and many individuals from the Club. Chantelle for providing a gift basket for the Silent Auction; to Leanne for setting aside the oodles of bottles from your campers during our bottle drives; to the lady who recently donated the proceeds from an auction your Rotary Club held; and to Aart for all his encouragement along the way. 
I feel so blessed to be part of such a supportive community. 
Thank you all and God bless.
CLAP President