Posted by Chantelle Meriam on Jun 13, 2017
The Rotary Club of Summerland has just donated CAD2000 to a project in Nepal to supply crucial medical equipment for medical students who are studying to become doctors in the 4 rural hospitals in Nepal. The photo shown is the cheque hand-over to Dr. Janice Routledge and Dr. David Omand by Aart & Jos Dronkers in Kelowna on June 8, 2017.
From left to right are David, Aart, Janice and Jos
This small project came out of the connections and network Aart Dronkers built in Nepal in 2015, as well as his close friendship with Dr. Denis Brown, Dr. Janice Routledge and Dr. David Omand. It is part of a medical program managed by the McMaster Medical University to train Nepalese medical students to become doctors in the 4 rural hospitals. A large part of the rural areas has been turned to rubble during the April 2015 earthquake. Janice Routledge and David Omand spent part of their free time training these medical students in Nepal. The program has been going on successfully for quite a while. There continues to be a strong need for just about everything in Nepal, but in particular medical services, infrastructure & equipment. The equipment that will be purchased from our Rotary Club $2000 donation are Medical Kits that consist of various treatment and teaching tools: Ophthalmoscope, otoscope, reflex hammer, measuring tape, syringe for Foreign Body removal, Blood Pressure cuff, Digital Thermometer, Flashlight, Peak flow meter, (Glucometer, Portable SPO2 machine are for future funding). One medical kit would stay at each site, and there is a new group of students each 6 months that live and work at each of those 4 sites.
The Kits will be purchased on site in Kathmandu and donated to the PAHS (Patan Academy of Health Sciences), whose mandate is to train medical students to improve health care in the rural underserviced areas of Nepal.