Posted by Mirjana Komljenovic on Mar 03, 2018
It's a new year and that means another Rotary $100 Challenge. I have a feeling this year's $100 Challenge will be full of surprises. This year we have 4 teams that will be participating. Thank you to all of those who will be taking part in this year's challenge.
Objective of Rotary's $100 Challenge: An opportunity for Summerland Secondary School students to financially support a cause/charity of their choice. 
Description: Each of the student groups are expected to use the $100 donation from Rotary as seed money for a fundraising project to raise funds for their cause/charity of choice. Rotarians volunteer as group mentors and are encouraged to meet with their groups as often as is necessary. The Challenge ends in May with all proceeds flowing through the club to be distributed to the named causes/charities. Each group is invited to make a presentation at a pre-arranged Rotary meeting.
This years teams include:
Mirjana Komljenovic's Team
Top Left: Sunveer Dhaliwal, Rachel Berekoff. Missing but still awesome - Haylee Rolston, Claire Kenzie and Jacob Acheson.
Team Talent Show
Bottom: Jillian Henrichsen, Sage Beddome, Kaitlyn Nightingale, Ethan Freistadt, Hannah Walton and Monique Maaske.
LeeAnna Binder's Team
Top: Hanna Marsh-DeBoer, Zaria Jenkins, Hannah Mistal and Brooklyn Stern
Bob Van Balkom's Team
Bottom Left: Nikki Blair, Brook Ure and Chelsea Robinson
Rotary Contact: For more information about the $100 Challenge, please contact $100 Challenge Chair, Mirjana Komljenovic at