Posted by Chantelle Meriam on Jun 23, 2018
A group of close to 30 Summerland Rotarians, friends and guests welcomed David Wu's parents, Jacky Wu and Lisa Huang, visiting from Taiwan, yesterday evening at the home of Don Gemmell. Thanks to everyone who came out. It was a wonderful evening!
A message from David's parents:
"Great thanks to all the Summerland Rotarians of what have done for David, Lisa and Jacky. especially Bob and al of David's host families. Everything in Summerland is so fabulous and Canada is such a  great country. David hopes that everyone could support him to stay and study in Summerland. His family will miss him in Taiwan since he is fun to be around. He wants to pursue his dream and to help people he loves and loves him. Thank you!" ~ Jacky Wu and Lisa Huang
Additional photos from the evening can be viewed on our Facebook page here.