Paint Summerland Red & White with Flags 
Summerland Rotary Club will place a 54” X 27” Canadian flag in your yard to help celebrate Canada Day, BC Day and Labour Day.
A flag pole anchored in a flag pole holder will be installed at your home or business for about 5 days on each occasion. Installation & removal will be by Summerland Rotarians.
The flags are available for a $50.00 tax deductible donation to the Summerland Rotary Club (not pro-rated by holiday). The flags remain the property of the Rotary Club.
Proceeds from the flag program will be used to support local Summerland area projects like Giants Head trails, West Summerland Station, school breakfast programs, high school and college bursaries, and more projects on the horizon.
Please Register early, preferably by May 30th:
   Click on the link below donate via credit card
   Or Interac e-transfer $50 to donations@summerlandrotary.ca 
For More Information call Carol @ 250-494-4194