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Our History

The Rotary Club of Summerland has a long and proud history supporting the local community and contributing significantly to international projects. Our Club was formed in 1945 under the sponsorship of the Kelowna Downtown Rotary Club and has been active ever since.
We are recognized as one of the top clubs in District 5060 (our District) which is an International District encompassing parts of the interior of British Columbia and the State of Washington. The District stretches from Clearwater, BC in the North to Prosser, WA in the south, a total of 60 clubs and approximately 2, 950 Rotarians.
Our Club fulfills all the requirements of the Five Avenues of Service and our strong showing is ultimately due to the tremendous leadership of our Club executives over the years and to the hard work and active participation of our membership – they truly emulate Rotary’s motto of “Service Above Self”.

To view a short history of the Summerland Rotary Club's projects and activities, please click here.

Past Presidents

1945-46   Dr. H.R. McLarty
1946-47   A.W. Nisbet
1947-48   C.J. Bleasdale
1948-49   Dr. C.R. Palmer
1949-50   Joe McLachlan
1950-51   Frances Steuart
1951-52   Reid Johnston
1952-53   S.A. MacDonald
1953-54   Mel Ducommun
1954-55   Ivor Solly
1955-56   Clarke Wilkin
1956-57   Tom Young
1957-58   Ross McLachlan
1958-59   Les Runball
1959-60   Gerry Laidlaw
1960-61   Ted Atkinson
1961-62   Harvey Wilson
1962-63   Gordon Beggs
1963-64   Cece Wade
1964-65   Gordon Smith
1965-66   Jock Johnston
1966-67   Keath Marten
1967-68   Len Weist
1968-69   Alex Watt
1969-70   Don Agur
1970-71   Charlie Greenhough
1971-72   Tiny Ganzeveld
1972-73   Mitch Lamb
1973-74   D. Bargholz
1974-75   Bob Butler
1975-76   Don Knipfel
1976-77   Ted Weeks
1977-78   Gordon Smith
1978-79   Ross Krauter
1979-80   Art Sewell
1980-81   George Paulson
1981-82   Rod Forsythe
1982-83   Ron Kiefer
1983-84   Doug Burn
1984-85   Maurice Welsh
1985-86   Gib Cyr
1986-87   Wayne Amundsen
1987-88   Vic Smith
1988-89   Brian Noonan
1989-90   Jim Fishenden
1990-91   Dave Chase
1991-92   George Sutton
1992-93   Richard McCombe
1993-94   Jim Fishenden
1994-95   Brian Noonan
1995-96   Tony Cooke
1996-97   John Kemp
1997-98   Sue Eden
1998-99   Wayne Statham
1999-00   Joe Thoen
2000-01   Orv Robson
2001-02   Kathryn Kemp
2002-03   Garry Hollingshead
2003-04   Allan Fabbi
2004-05   Preston Mott
2005-06   John Cuthbert
2006-07   Janice Perrino
2007-08   Michael Zang
2008-09   Vickie Ohmenzetter 
2009-10   Andy MacGregor  
2010-11   Bob Van Bolkom
2011-12   Doug Carnegie 
2012-13   Paul Barber
2013-14   John Lathey/Denese Espeut-Post
2014-15   Denese Espeut-Post
2015-16   Roch Fortin
2016-17   Preston Mott
2017-18   Chantelle Meriam
2018-19   LeeAnna Binder
2019-21   Linda Van Alpen